Love in Witchcraft–Magia Amorosa

Love in Witchcraft–Magia Amorosa is a collection of love amulet-handbags based on Latin-American colonial witchcraft .Colonial love-witchcraft in Latin America had its origins in the blending of antique traditions cultivated in Europe, Africa and America. Yoruba practices, Salomonis magic and different herbs of the New World gave birth to a loving magic practiced by Afro-American women of the Caribbean .

Each handbag is inspired by a different love spell, which can be found printed and embroidered in its lining. All handbags have a different “love pourpose” and come with instructions on how to activate the amulets.

The project seeks to transform the use of everyday objects into an exciting magical experience. Each handbag becomes a unique piece by involving the user in casting the spell. The collection brings together reason and magic; industrial and handmade; and dreams and reality.

All handbags are carefully hand-crafted using the best quality materials, engineered screen-printing and hand embroidery. Each bag is completely unique and is full of hidden details. A limited edition of each model was produced and sold.