Future Amulets

The need for amulets and “supernatural” beliefs is linked to our human necessity of a sense of control. Throughout history human beings have used material “objects of protection” to help them deal with uncertainty and fear.

Technology is advancing rapidly and substantialy in ways that are often difficult to assimilate as human beings. The implications that this human-built technological world will have on social dynamics are currently unknown but they will certainly change the way we perceive our lives and relationships. “Future Amulets” proposes that new beliefs will arise to give support and a sense of control towards our future “techno-fears” and uncertainties.

I belive that regardless of how digitalized our world becomes, our basic human needs will persist. Thus, owning and touching physical objects is one of the aspects we will never loose. The project encompases two collections of future amulets inspired by two future technological scenarios in which people will need protection from our “digital jungle”. Soul Keepers and Future Dreamcatchers are the two collections, which look at different amulet needs as technology evolves and becomes increasingly and deeply embedded in human life. The collections blend magic and science; rationality and irrationality; the sacred and the profane; and the material and the intangible.

This project was researched and developed in the context of a program of postgraduate studies focusing on critical design. The collections are conceptual props with fashion and interiors application.