Vertical Cocktail–Rémy Martin

The Rémy Martin “Vertical Cocktail” is a celebration of Ice, a key component of cocktails. The project seeks an alternative way of enjoying a Rémy Martin cocktail.

The Rémy Martin “Vertical Cocktail” celebrates the ingredients used to create a Rémy Martin cocktail, having the Rémy Martin Cognac as the main “actor”. A colourful stack of ice discs, each containing an ingredient of the cocktail, starts to melt when the user pours the Rémy Martin Cognac using specially designed glasses. This allows the user to enjoy the evolving flavours and see how the ingredients and colours mix gradually, thus discovering new tastes and mixes as the cocktail evolves.

The materials used to complete this project as an exhibition piece where hand-blown glass for the containers, and resin and fake fruit to emulate the real ice discs which where produced originally for the clients brief.

Photo credits: Axel Crettenand/Isabel Pradilla